Electric guitar buying guide (Tips & Recommendations)

electric guitar buying guide

Electric guitar buying guide (Tips & Recommendations)

Electric guitar buying guide (Tips & Recommendations). If you are searching for your first electric guitar to buy you may feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed, especially for those who still have minimal knowledge of guitars. It benefits to read up on the different types of guitars and options to make it is easier to find on that matches your needs and goals.

The process of choosing the best cheap electric guitar should be seen as a very important step on your long musical journey that is certain to reward you with endless fun and enjoyable experiences.


Why it benefits to start with an electric guitar

Many early guitar players had the misguided belief that it is more practical to start learning on the acoustic guitar and later to progress to the electric once the basics are understood. But, this thinking isn’t necessarily true. In fact, for many beginners looking for the first guitar, the electric model is found to be the easiest to learn on for the newbie. A major reason for this is the lighter strings that are generally easier to press on, which leads to easier control of chords and notes and less fumbling with the inexperienced fingers.Electric guitar buying guide.

Also, if you look from the parent’s perspective, the electric guitar has a benefit over the acoustic alternative in that it is possible to control the volume. Simply turning the knob will lower the volume, while a pair of headphones plugged into the amplifier means it is possible for the beginner to learn in relative silence.

A further factor that needs considering includes the type of music you intend to play in the future. Go with the guitar that is most effective at playing the music that interests you and features in your favorite bands.

Overall, the right guitar is the one that has the ability to get you inspired and hold your interest for the long term. For this reason, many new guitarists go with the electric guitar because it is the most fun to learn and play on.Electric guitar buying guide.

Guitar shop or online

Many first-time guitar players are tempted with the all-around convenience of buying a new instrument online, especially when the electric guitar price is typically lower. Also, the ability to shop online is certain to give the widest range of choices and you have the option to comparison shop the different merchants to find not only the best prices but also the most comprehensive package with all extras for the all-inclusive setup.

Most importantly, for those with a great idea of the preferred first electric guitar company, they have a much greater chance of finding the exact model when shopping online.

But, the process of shopping online does have its negatives in that you don’t have the option to test the guitar or get expert guidance to discuss your needs.

It may be beneficial to visit the local guitar shop in the process of buying your first guitar. This gives a perfect opportunity to see in-person the different types and styles of guitar and easily see which is most practical for your needs.

Even if you do end you buying online, the trip to a real guitar shop gives a perfect opportunity to try out the different guitars built with the first time guitarist in mind. It is best to conduct a little research to compile a list of the most attractive guitars that specifically match the needs.

The music stores are a great place with plenty of shiny things to admire, but it is essential to avoid simply going with what is on offer on the day you are there. Only buy an electric guitar when you are 100% satisfied. Most of the respected guitar shops will have no problem ordering a particular guitar if it isn’t currently in stock. However, you also have the option of looking online for the fastest shopping experience.

It can be fun and a better experience to visit a guitar shop, but this option only applies to those that are lucky enough to be living near a respected guitar shop. However, the bricks and mortar shops are becoming harder to find and there are plenty of cities and towns without a reliable option in the local area.

If you need a little guidance on one of the best cheap electric guitar under $200 for the complete beginner, here is our recommendation among the top 10 best electric guitars for beginners in 2017

Epiphone Les Paul LP Special II

If it was necessary to nominate one electric guitar for beginners above all the others, the Epiphone Les Paul LP Special II is certain to be at the front of the queue. This guitar has the ability to deliver a great sound with a fixed bridge to make it really easy to keep in tune. Plus, the powerful humbucker pickups on this guitar have the ability to handle most tunes from jazz to hard rock.

The Les Paul Special II is styled in line with the Gibson Les Paul and this particular model of guitar is certain to appeal to the new guitarists because it is a style of instrument used by many well-known guitar greats.

Electric guitar buying guide.

How to evaluate the electric guitar

In the process of finding the right cheap electric guitar for beginners, there are several things to consider, including the guitar’s construction. Before you start playing the guitar, you want to give it a close-up inspection while it is still unplugged. This gives a perfect opportunity to see how it feels, learn about its layout, and make sure it is the right size.

There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to building and construction, such as:

  • Does the hardware appear to solidly build or quite low-quality?
  • Is the neck shape comfortable and able to fit your hand?
  • Are you able to notice any issues with the build of the guitar?
  • Give the controls or knobs a test to make sure they turn smoothly without any signs of friction
  • Does it look well built with everything lined up correctly?
  • Try the guitar when unplugged to make sure the strings are able to ring clear
  • Do the tuners appear to be solid and have no looseness or wobble?

A close look at the guitar can give a useful indication of how well it is made and its ability to last the distance. If any guitar doesn’t appear to give the right feel or look you may as well pass on that model and look to the next. Even though the sound quality is the most important aspect of the guitar, you still want to invest in a musical instrument that has the desired look and appearance.

Also, it is important to remember that the build quality can vary among the exact same model. This is more likely to apply to the entry-level guitars, so just because you come across one guitar that doesn’t appear to be well made, it does not mean every model in the same series will be the same. Electric guitar buying guide.

Determining the sound of the guitar

As a first time user of the guitar, it can be difficult to evaluate the sound quality. But, it basically helps to find the type of guitar that produces a sound that you enjoy. If you are in a proper guitar shop, you can ask one of the shop’s salesmen to play a few notes to get a better appreciation of what you are looking to buy.

By listening to the sound of the electric guitar you are able to determine if it sounds pleasing and has the right characteristics and tone that you find interesting. Also, it is worth giving the pickup, tone and volume control a test to make sure they are fully working as intended. Try listening to the guitar at various amplifier volume levels to understand the quality and appreciate the different distortion amounts.

If you plan to try out several different electric guitars, it can help to use the same amplifier on each occasion. This gives a like for like comparison and makes it easier to notice the differences when playing the different makes and models of guitar.

Electric guitar buying guide.

Don’t feel intimidated

For the complete guitar beginner, it may be a little intimidating to walk into a reputable guitar shop where it looks like everyone inside is skilled at playing instruments. But, the staff members are there to help you find the best beginner guitar for your specific needs. If you have any questions, make sure to ask those and never let yourself feel pressured or uncomfortable. There is no reason to make the buying decision straight away, you can always sleep on it and buy it in the shop on another day or online if you prefer. Also, if you are shopping online, you can do more research to make sure you really are making the right decision for your first guitar.


Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners

Best Electric Guitar 2018

Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners

Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners. Learning to play the guitar to a high standard is not going to be easy. To become a great guitarist it is first necessary to possess the best electric guitar for the money. So, you need to carefully consider the options and be extremely careful in buying the right guitar that matches the specific needs.

Best beginner electric guitars

Listed below are top 10 best electric guitars for beginners in 2018. They are all great instruments that can help the young or old to learn the art of playing guitar. So, take a look at our list and make the right choice.

1 – Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar (Recommended)

We start our roundup of the best electric guitar for beginners in 2018 with a true classic in the industry: the Les Paul  Special II. The Epiphone Les Paul first appeared in the 1950s and was soon one of the most recognizable guitars on the planet. Even though there are plenty of close copies, the Epiphone branded guitars are the only set with an official affiliation with the high-end and extremely expensive Gibson Brand.

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar is a solid guitar for beginners and the best-selling model in the complete series of guitars offered by Epiphone. This guitar has a thick, rich tone that is certain to appeal to the player with an
interest in heavier music – but the all-around versatility of this model is what makes it the most appealing contender for the entry-level musician. Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.

It is built with a mahogany neck and body with great quality pickups and tuners that have the ability to please more than the beginners. The solid build of the guitar means it has the ability to deliver long-term durability and strength.

For the players interested in playing the blues, rock or metal, the two Epiphone open-coil humbuckers are sure to do a very pleasant job; they produce a sound that is really pleasing for practicing or even for live playing.

The mahogany build gives a great sense of elegance and class and this guitar is available in a choice of color schemes, including vintage sunburst, heritage cherry sunburst, and ebony. Plus, this electric guitar is relatively lightweight and weighs no more than 10 lbs. This makes it very convenient to use in the home, outside practicing or when playing at gigs, and ultimately makes the best electric guitar under 200. Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.

2 – SGR C-1 Electric Guitar by Schecter

The C-1 Electric Guitar is built with plenty of attractive features by the leading guitar manufacturer Schecter. A quite distinct feature is its sleek design with black chrome hardware.

The pickups on this instrument are quite appealing and certain to help the beginner experiment with a variety of music styles. Plus, there is the option to adjust the pickups to create the desired sound in relation to studio and stage effects. The shape of the guitar is quite arched at the top to make it smooth and comfortable to handle. The shape is certain to be appreciated for its ability to make controlling and navigating more convenient in the standing or sitting position. Also, this guitar is quite lightweight at about 12 lbs – although the paintwork on this guitar isn’t the cleanest. Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.

3 – The Squier Mini

The Squier Mini is built with the younger, smaller guitar players in mind and stands at about 23 inches in length. The shorter length of the guitar is certain to mean less tension needs to be applied to the strings. Also, this means there is less distance between the frets so this gives the player greater freedom and ease to play.

This guitar has a three single-coil design with multi-way switching to give complete flexibility to play different styles and tunes. Plus, the single-coil action is useful to create clear tones. This guitar has a nice rosewood fingerboard to give a warm tone to the instrument. It has a thinner body compared to alternatives listed which are not only practical for making it more portable but also leads to the shorter reach for better maneuverability and control. Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.

4 – Zeny 30 Inch Kids Electric Guitar

The Zeny 30 Inch Kids Electric Guitar is a reliable option for the right-handed beginner and is packed with everything needed to get going. The package includes a cable cord, 5W amplifier, and shoulder strap. This is easy to use a guitar for the learning musician and its sleek design and nylon carrying case makes it a great option for the young learner. A great feature of the Zeny is the lightweight construction. With a weight of 3.7 lbs, this guitar is really easy to hold and handle for the smallest guitar players. But, the electric guitars for beginners adults is only a practical option for the right-handed players and does not seem to come with a proper warranty period.

5 – Full-Size Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Pack by Davison Guitars

The electric bass guitar by Davison has the ability to meet the needs of the up and coming guitarist. The full-size guitar stands at 45 inches with its maple neck, die-cast tuners, dual pickups, and high gloss finish. A useful practice amp is featured in this best beginner electric guitars pack. This guitar is made in solid wood with a total weight of 21 lbs. The chrome bridge and dual pickup are useful to tune the guitar to match the specific needs and tune preference. Even though this guitar is the full size it is still quite easy to handle by the first timer of all ages. Also, this guitar is available in a choice of color schemes: vintage sunburst, blue and black. Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.

6 – Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar Pack

The Fender Affinity Strat Electric Guitar has a sleek and stylish look with its rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, and sunburst shade finish. This guitar has a great level of play-ability to make it a joy to play and learn with. It is
packed with everything needed to get going out of the box and features a 5-way pickup selector switch, white control knobs, an electronic tuner, and three single-coil pickups. Also, the instructional guidebook makes it really easy to get to grips with learning this musical instrument. The weight of this guitar is about 29 lbs, so may not be the ideal option for the young guitar players.

7 – Full-Size Electronic Guitar with Amp by Davison Guitars

This electric guitar by Davison Guitars is a great option for the musician in search of the all in one beginner’s package. It is packaged with a useful practice amplifier with a built-in distortion feature. The actual guitar stands at 39 inches with a humbucker pickup, die-cast tuners, wooden structure, and high gloss finish. The humbucker pickup is a nice feature to have because it makes it really easy to make adjustments to the playability and tuning. The shape and contour of the guitar make it quite easy for players of all ages to handle. This is a relatively inexpensive option to get started and with everything included to get going, it is a very convenient option.

8 – Blue Electric Guitar with Amp by Best Choice Products

This BCP electric guitar is a practical choice for the right-handed player that has a real passion for learning more about music and guitars. This is a 39-inch guitar with all wooden construction and steel strings for the most solid and reliable performance, while also able to deliver a high-quality tune. This guitar has features like two distinct tone knobs, volume knob, tremolo knob, and pickup selector switch. Plus, the 10W amplifier is quite handy to give decent base control and volume for its size. Other useful features in the package include a spare set of replacement strings, shoulder straps, and a carrying case for complete on-the-go convenience.

9 – Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar

The Ibanez GRX20ZBKN is a perfect class of electric guitar for those interested in playing metal. It is based loosely on the high-end Universe range from the same manufacturer. This guitar has a stylish alder body with a rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium frets, and FAT 6 bridge. Plus, there is a choice of finish in silver, blue, orange or silver to completely match the preference of the player. This electric guitar is packed with three Ibanez Powersound pickups which are certain to help the beginner learn to play a variety of tones for the more fun and enjoyable experience. Even though this guitar is aimed at the novice, it is in no way an inferior instrument.

10 – Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 is a fantastic guitar one of the best beginner electric guitar packages. It is well constructed with an Agathis body, vintage tremolo, maple bolt-on neck, sonokeling fingerboard, and 5 position switches. The one humbucker pickup and two single coils help to create a great sounding instrument. Also, this electric guitar has plenty of stylish finishes including those in black, metallic blue, candy apple red, light amber burst, and root beer.

Best Electric Guitar 2018 for Beginners.


Electric Guitar Playing for Beginners

Electric guitar playing for beginners

Electric Guitar Playing for Beginners (Theoretical + Practical)

Electric guitar playing for beginners. The guitar is a great instrument. It is relatively easy to learn the basics, how to play guitar chords, beginner models are inexpensive, it is fairly portable, and it is practical to take your playing skills as far as possible. Anyone can learn to play the guitar – from young children to adults.

Let’s take a look a few of the basic steps to learn to play the electric guitar for beginners:

Buy a Guitar

It is difficult to practice regularly if you don’t have your own guitar to discover how to learn to play guitar by yourself. The best course of action is to invest in the best possible guitar that you are able to afford. Also, make sure to remember that with the electric guitar, it is necessary to buy a suitable amplifier.

You want to buy a guitar that produces great sound when you are playing well, and sounds quite bad when you are playing bad. The guitar must be easy to use and handle. Also, make sure to keep the guitar in tune or it will be difficult to know when you aren’t playing something quite right.

The best amongst the top 10 best electric guitars for beginners in 2017 is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar. It is an incredible instrument for the price. This stylish guitar has great quality and feels and certainly delivers a lot for its price range. This guitar has great playability and built-in mahogany for the body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The open-coil humbucking pickups (700T/650R) deliver awesome tones.

Even though the Les Paul Special II is aimed at the beginners, it is still a perfect choice for the advanced guitar players with plenty of years of experience behind them. Electric guitar playing for beginners.

Learn at your own pace

A basic step to start you on your journey to learn to play the electric guitar is to not let yourself feel rushed. Focus on a process of learning that makes it possible to move at your own pace. Also, when it comes to starting your lessons, make sure to dedicate each practice session to a single technique. Avoid trying to learn too many things at the same time. This is only going to lead to a feeling of frustration and annoyance. Electric guitar playing for beginners.

Focus on one goal and master that or at least get to know and understand the basics before moving on. For instance, the practice sessions over a period one week can be limited to learning a certain number of chords. This number should be realistic and easy to manage. Over time the practice sessions can be changed up to use different combinations of chords. This can follow with work on your picking or strumming in combination with the chords that have been practiced in previous sessions.

Slowly progress and build on your knowledge in steps. Set a target at the beginning of the week and focus on that and make sure to stick with it. Try to not get distracted or sidetracked into a different technique, which only leads to a loss of focus and much slower progress.

For the complete beginner, the process to know how to learn guitar at home can seem like it will take ages. But, for most, it can be quite quick to pick up the basics provided you focus your available learning time and avoid outside distractions. A major distraction that significantly slows the learning ability is to constantly switch between playing elements and different techniques, which mean half-learned techniques and bad habits are regularly picked up. Electric guitar playing for beginners.


How often should you practice?

A good benchmark figure to consider is at least one hour per day put aside to practice playing the guitar. If some days give the opportunity to practice more, such as the weekends, you may wish to take advantage of this. But, for those with the limited free take, it will help to enhance the learning if able to devote at least this minimum on a daily basis.

A regular practice session is a lot more beneficial than having a long, occasional session. For instance, a daily practice session of 35-45 minutes per day is a lot more useful than waiting to have a one-off training session at the weekend lasting for four or five hours with nothing much else in between.

Make sure to be prepared and be ready for each of the practice sessions. Always remember what was accomplished in the last session, and decide to either continue with that or move on to the next stage of your learning. Try not to progress further in your training until you have fully accomplished your previous goals. Spend as many sessions on learning a particular technique until you have nailed it. If you are in a position of not making progress with a specific concept or technique, you may wish to look for outside help. Electric guitar playing for beginners.

Learn the theoretical and practical

The process of learning to play the guitar is split between two processes – the physical/application side and the mental/theory side. It is beneficial to split the session learning time between the two. This is especially important when first learning to play the guitar because it can be difficult to focus on both methods for the complete novice.


The theory side of the learning is devoted to things like what chords are made up of, how notes and strings relate to one another, how the fretboard works, and much more. Plenty of theory time is simply spent analyzing diagrams and reading guides related to the wide-ranging playing techniques and parts, such as the guitar’s fretboard.

It is important to take the theory side serious because it gives a complete understanding of how the guitar works in relation to producing music. Plus, with the fretboard mapped out in your mind, it is a lot easier to apply the different techniques when it comes to applying the different techniques.

If you are looking to get all-round playing experience with the guitar, you must put in the time and effort to learn how to play electric guitar for dummies and appreciate the theory side of things. Electric guitar playing for beginners.


The practices are more physical and involve the actual stages of learning to play the guitar for real. A simple step to begin the process is to go about exercising your fingers. For instance, this can include something like fingering chords as this relates to getting physically comfortable with the changing and positioning of the different chords. Further action can relate to practicing with the different strumming patterns.

This type of practice session is certain to include speed drills, string bends, legato and many more things that help take control of playing the guitar.

Learn at a relaxed pace

There is rarely any benefit to learn how to play electric guitar for beginners lesson 1 at a really fast pace. The ability to learn to play a musical instrument like the guitar relates to accuracy. It is essential to hit the right note every time with accurate fingering. This is certain to apply when it comes to playing difficult bar chords or similar actions. When starting out it helps to fully concentrate on the placement of the fingers and make sure they are precise. Start the practice session by learning to play the instrument properly and in time the ability to speed up and play fast will come naturally.

A major obstacle that can impact the ability to playing fast is having the poor technique. After the regular daily practice sessions, the good techniques are better understood and easier to put into practice. Play slowly and take your time when first starting out to minimize the risk of picking up poor habits. Electric guitar playing for beginners.

Use correct fingering

The correct fingering positions for playing the guitar are well documented so following these recognize techniques are the best way to play the different scales and chords. This helps to know the finger placements and which fingers are right for playing the notes on the fretboard. Try not to deviate from the recommended placements.

Using correct finger placement is simply related to playing a particular scale or chord properly. Look closely at the right fingering and the hand’s position on the guitar to make sure you are able to follow along.

There are plenty of training aids to help teach this particular technique, such as books, online resources, videos or apps. Use whatever method is the easiest for you to follow along with.

Take a break and relax

When first starting out and want to know how to play guitar for beginners step by step you may wish to avoid pushing yourself too hard at the very start of your guitar learning journey. At the start of the guitar playing career, your fingertips are certain to feel the pain and highly likely to be stinging after your first lessons. For this reason, it makes sense to take a break every so often to give you time to relax. If you continue to play through the pain there is the risk of causing damage to the ligaments and tendons which can put you out of action for quite some time. Electric guitar playing for beginners.


Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews

Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews

Epiphone Les Paul Special ii Reviews

Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews. The Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar delivers the first-class qualities of a Les Paul but at a super-low price. Made with a smooth 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, bolt-on mahogany neck, and mahogany body, this guitar style is just as impressive as its uptown cousins. It features 650R/700T Humbucker open-coil pickups that produce high-quality and sustained Les Paul tones.

Similar to other Epiphone styled electric guitars, this model is equipped with an exclusive heavy-duty non-rotating output jack, a 3-way pickup selector toggle switch, and 500K potentiometers for complete master tone and master volume controls.

The Epiphone #1 selling guitar – Les Paul SPECIAL 2 – is a practical choice for the beginners to get started with this musical instrument, but also gets to benefit from the tone and feel of a Les Paul. However, it is not just for beginners, the LP Special II can make a useful workhorse for the seasoned pros that would like to leave their more high-end guitars at home. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.

Epiphone Special II Highlights

  • #1 Great-sounding electric guitar for the beginners and a useful workhorse for the pros in 2017
  • 700T and 650R open-coil Humbucker pickups
  • Nickel hardware
  • 1960s SlimTaper “D” profile
  • Covered machine heads

The Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 Electric Guitar is in the best possible price range for a licensed Les Paul instrument. If you are in search of an entry-level electric guitar, this model is certainly among the best options currently available in the market. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.

Features You’ll Value

Super value for the money (Under $200), the Epiphone SPECIAL 2 Electric Guitar is a feature-rich instrument. The stop piece, Tune-o-matic bridge, and pickups are much the same as found in the more expensive Epiphone guitars. Here are some of its top features:


les paul special 2

The sleek styling of this Epiphone guitar makes the entry-level price seem even that much more impressive. It has a slim cutaway body in mahogany to create the classic Les Paul look and includes a 24.75-inch scale length.

In respect of the outer finish of this electric guitar, there is a choice of three color finishes – ebony, heritage cherry sunburst, and vintage sunburst. Even though the Ebony or Vintage Sunburst do not offer the most inspiring of color options, the Heritage Cherry Sunburst is likely to appeal to those in search of the most striking look, but there is likely to be an extra $25/30 for this option.

Different to the high-end Les Paul set-necked editions, the Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 Electric Guitar is built with a bolt-on neck, which is necessary to offer the affordable price but doesn’t really have much of a negative impact on the sound.

The tonewood used in the process of creating this guitar is mahogany, which appears at both the neck and the body. For the fretboard, this is made of a simple rosewood piece with standard inlays, while there are also the white dot inlays and 22 frets. The top of the guitar has a glossy black and Epiphone-branded headstock, with 14:1 covered machine heads. In the main, you can’t really fault the all-round design of this electric guitar, especially when you consider its price point in the market.

Also, the style of the Epiphone LP Special II is great for the complete beginners compared to many other similar options in the market. The relatively flat body with the low angle for the neck and headstock means there is a much lower risk of causing damage to the instrument in the event of knocking it over or laying it down. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.


Without a doubt, one of the finest features of this beginner guitar is the quality of the two pickups. The guitar is built with the two open-coil, passive humbuckers – a 650R and 700T – at the neck and bridge – to create the type of tone that is expected from a Les Paul-inspired instrument.

The high-quality of the original pickups means that most beginners aren’t likely to look at upgrading them in the future. The all-around quality of this guitar means it is a very safe choice for the beginner and there is virtually no risk of them outgrowing the sound of this guitar while progressing through the learning stages.

Other than that, you are not too overloaded with extras. There is a basic master tone and master volume control knob, as well as the 3-way pickup switch for treble/rhythm. But, they certainly deliver on what they need to do and suit the style of this guitar while feeling quite robust.

In respect of the stopbar tailpiece and LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge, this delivers good quality tuning that is stable, reliable, and makes it easy to adjust the strings (the factory strings aren’t the best so you will want to do this quite soon).

In addition, this Epiphone LP SPECIAL 2 Electric Guitar has a bridge combo that is much like the design of the more high-end guitars, which is certain to add even more value to this entry-level instrument.


Most of the affordable electric guitars are built with the most basic hardware, but the quality of the Les Paul Epiphone Special 2 is still high with the nickel hardware. This includes the Epiphone StopBar tailpiece and Tune-o-Matic bridge for the high-quality sustain and all-around great value. In addition to the standard edition of the guitar, there is also a left-handed model for southpaws (comes in vintage sunburst and heritage cherry sunburst finishes).


The two pickups (700T and 650R open-coil Humbucker) on this Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar are a great feature for such a well-priced guitar; they would not seem out of place on a guitar that retailed at nearly double the price. They help to create the tone that is clear and bright but still includes the amount of aggression that is desired when playing the guitar with the sound cranked up. There should be no reason to be unhappy gigging or jamming with this sound. With this low entry-level guitar, you may not expect to get the quality of the tonewood in mahogany, but that is certainly what you receive with this guitar.

Plus, there is the extremely playable neck, which is certain to be appreciated by those that are just starting out and using this guitar to learn on. It is a very comfortable and lightweight guitar, which has the build to last for years of regular playing, which makes it a perfect investment for the seasoned pros and beginners alike. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.

What we like

  • Guitar looks and sounds awesome (although there is an extra cost for the nicest color)
  • Quite playable with a great profile and sound
  • Great price range (Under $200)
  • Useful entry-level option
  • 650R and 700T ope-coil humbuckers deliver plenty of bite and volume
  • Well-built and certain to last the test of time
  • Simple to use and understand controls

What we don’t like but Still easily manageable 

Amp cord is located at the bottom of the guitar (may impact the playing position when sitting down)

Who is it for?

The most likely target market for the Epiphone SPECIAL Model 2 Electric Guitar is the newly interested beginners. If you are just starting to learn guitar, this model is certain to make a practical choice that is easily able to grow with you. The setup process is relatively straightforward and there is little risk of getting confused when it comes to pickup selection and selecting the right tone or volume controls for the different pickup.

The Les Paul SPECIAL 2 is likely to be more appealing to beginners over the alternatives with a tremolo bridge because they can present further setup/user problems when first starting out.

For the guitar players interested in learning rock, metal or a similar style, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Vintage Sunburst is certain to make a very attractive first choice. The action of the neck means playability is high and the humbucker pickups work great with the high gain styles. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.

Final verdict

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is a great all-round electric guitar with plenty to offer the novice player. The actual guitar feels well-built/sturdy and very nice quality. For anyone that isn’t a musician, but trying to take their first steps to learn guitar, this model is definitely one of the most attractive choices. Even out of the box the sound can sound excellent, but it is still worth making the slightest adjustments to get the perfect balance and tone. Once this electric guitar is connected to an amp you are ready to go. The kit edition of the Epiphone Les Paul Special II is packaged with everything a beginner is going to need and certainly more cost-effective than looking to buy the bits individually. Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.

Overall, compared to the other electric guitars available in this price range, you will find it extremely difficult to find an equally high-quality guitar that delivers the honest sound like this one.

Always Buy From Amazon.com

We highly recommend buying your guitar online from Amazon.com because of:

  • Super Fast Delivery
  • Discounted Product
  • Super fast complaint handling
  • Chargeback facility in case of a defective item
  • Lots of Product Reviews

Epiphone Les Paul special ii reviews.


Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar (Pros & Cons)

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar. There is plenty of conflicting advice out there when it comes to learning to play the electric or acoustic guitar. Ultimately, the preferred musical instrument is going to come down to your playing style and favorite tunes. If you prefer to play classical or country music, the acoustic is the right option. But for those guitarists interested in playing rock or metal, the obvious choice is electric. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar

To help clarify, let’s take a look at the electric guitar vs acoustic guitar differences:

Electric guitar

The electric guitar is built to be played with the sound coming from an amplifier. This means the guitar is typically too quiet to play as a standalone instrument. It works with the assistance of magnetic pickups. They are basically magnets with wire coils around them and located below the strings. When the strings are played, they will vibrate, which leads to disturbance in the area of the magnetic field around the pickup. The wire coils pick this up and transform it into an electrical signal. This is passed to an amplifier which is attached to the guitar via a cable and turns the signal into the appropriate sound. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.

When it comes to the acoustic vs electric guitar for the beginner, the thought of playing the electric guitar is the most appealing for many musicians. If your musical taste is metal or rock, the electric model is certain to be the only type that is able to make the desired sound.

They are typically built with the slimmer neck, lower gauge strings, and lower playing action. This is certain to mean a lot less stress is put on the fingers. However, the placement of the strings is closer spaced compared to the acoustics, so the playing technique may be more difficult for the players that prefer the finger-style technique.

However, with the attractive prices of the low-end amplifiers, it is possible to invest in a relatively inexpensive setup that still has the ability to generate a wide range of tunes.

While some people will say it is more practical to start out on the acoustic guitar because it has the ability the strengthen finger muscles and toughen the fingertips. But, a major thing to consider is the ability to stay motivated, so for many musicians, this means going with the electric guitar from the start. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.

The electric vs acoustic guitar price difference isn’t too great – although it is likely to be possible to find a basic acoustic guitar at the most competitive price.

For the first one or two months of the learning process, it can be quite difficult. The initial practice will likely hurt your fingers and you won’t be in a position to play any real tunes. If you are trying to play a musical instrument that doesn’t draw you in or give any type of buzz to start a practice session, then the obstacles can take over and lead to a loss of interest.

In order to maintain the buzz and excitement, many first time guitarists will look to start with the electric model. Motivation is everything to stay interested in the long-term. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.


  • The ability to hold down the chords on the electric guitar is a lot easier
    The electric guitar and amp combo has the ability to deliver a broader palette of sounds
  • The neck width is liable to be short on this type of guitar
  • The actual strings are a lot softer on the electric compared to the acoustics which means there is a lot less discomfort for the fingertips
  • The light nature of the strings means it is easier to play barre chords
  • The electric guitar doesn’t need to disturb others by simply plugging headphones into the amp
  • Also, the electric guitar is a very cool instrument which enough of a motivator to keep practicing

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.


  • If you don’t buy a full package set up it will be necessary to invest in a decent quality amplifier as well
  • Setting up the right tone isn’t the easiest for the complete beginner
  • The ability to play a tune on the electric guitar doesn’t mean you will be able to do the exact same on the acoustic models
  • Not a practical choice for folk music or other acoustic styles

Our top choice for beginners:

Epiphone Les Paul Special 2

A great introduction to the electric guitar scene is the Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 with its great tone and affordability. This stylish guitar is perfect for the complete beginner and includes a smooth 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, bolt-on mahogany neck, and mahogany body. The pickup combo – humbuckers 700T (bridge) and 650R (neck) help to deliver the very telling snarl and sizzle that you expect to get from the best electric guitars.

Even though the Les Paul Special 2 Electric Guitar is built with the beginners in mind it is still able to put out the high-quality and pleasing tones. It feels very comfortable to handle and has no problem in delivering a wide range of sounds. Plus, there is the option to go with different colors to match the specific taste.

This is a great starter guitar that will leave others amazed by the looks and sound quality that is produced by this little monster. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.

Acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is played without a need to connect to an amplifier. Most of the acoustic guitars are built with an entirely hollow body and include strings with a circular sound-hole beneath.

The guitar is played by plucking the strings which vibrate and this leads to the soundboard vibrating. The soundboard is an important part of the instrument and is the flat top section of the guitar that has the circular sound-hole in it. This sound resonates in the body of the guitar to create a quite woody, full tone. Most of the sound produced by the guitar will exit through this hole.

This type of guitar is relatively simple with the option to pick-up-and-play with no need with extra equipment or hardware. Plus, there is the option to buy them at prices that are more attractive than the electric guitars – mainly because there is no need to invest in an amplifier.

However, there are a few factors to consider. The acoustic models compared to the electric guitars are likely to feature the higher playing actions (space between the strings/fretboard), higher gauge (thicker) strings, and thicker necks. A consequence of this is more challenging to play guitar. Also, the fingertips are put under more pressure and will need to toughen up to avoid discomfort after regular playing action. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.

Here are the pros and cons of acoustic electric guitar-


  • If you are able to successfully learn how to play a tune on a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, you will also have the ability to play the same on the electric model – this can’t always be said the other way round.
  • The acoustic guitar can deliver the calmer and naturally soothing tone that is a lot less distorted with the amplified electric model.
  • Acoustic guitars are ready to play with no need to invest in an amplifier, cables, or other hardware before you start to play. They only need the basics like a tune, a few picks, and perhaps a bag/case to get going.
  • A perfect instrument for playing classical/folk music (although this depends on the actual guitar), while also a reliable option for most types of popular music.


  • Playing the acoustic guitar is certain to be tougher on your fingers compared to the light strings of an electric. The first time players will likely last 20-25 minutes before needing to stop and rest the fingers. Absolute beginners will soon notice pain in the fingertips after the repeated process of fretting the strings. A good few weeks is needed for the fingers to toughen up with the development of calluses.
  • The hard strings of the acoustic mean the process of playing barre chords or similar will be quite difficult
  • The guitar has a wider fretboard which can be difficult for beginners to handle at first
  • The build of the guitar is liable to be more brittle than the electric alternatives.

Overall, when it comes to the question of electric vs acoustic guitar for a beginner, the acoustic guitar can make a practical choice if you aren’t entirely sure you will stick with it and want to spend the minimal amount possible to give it a go.

Is electric guitar easier to play than acoustic?

Learning to play the electric guitar is certain to be that much easier for the complete beginner. While it will be quite challenging at the start, the electric model is physically easier to play and learn with. Plus, it makes the most exciting musical instrument for many young and old guitarists and is certain to help with keeping the motivation high while working through the many different stages to learn how to play the guitar.

It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to learn just the basics, so it is essential to invest in a high-quality electric guitar, such as the Epiphone Les Paul Special 2, that will hold your interest and make it possible to overcome the different challenges as they arrive. Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar.


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